Death Valley

Death Valley, the hottest driest lowest place in North America

Death Valley“Yep, this is what we do in the desert …”

Death ValleyIs this a mirage?

Death Valley

“Can You See Me Now?” 

photos by shinazy

ALvin is off to Maui.  To see what he will be doing there, just –> Subscribe

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8 Responses to Death Valley

  1. joan says:

    Awesome pics! How high do the temps reach out there? You are a smart little bear to bring water with you.
    Lol, shinazy….thanks for sharing your adventures with Alvin :)

    • alvin says:

      Joan, ALvin is really smart because he has shinazy carry the water. Since shinazy is off to Maui, ALvin is already hiding in the carry-on bag …

      • joan says:

        You guys take care of each other, and wear your sunscreen when you are out exploring. ALvin, put a little on your nose so it doesn’t get burnt. I hate when I get a burnt nose…lol. You’re so lucky to travel as much as you do :)
        Safe travels! Big hug :)

        • alvin says:

          Being a runner, I pack SPF in the highest number available. Have yet to use it on ALvin, but maybe this is the right time.
          ~ shinazy, ALvin’s scribe

  2. Bobbi says:

    From sand to sea, ALvin is quite the adventurer. He seems to always be prepared……what a guy!

  3. Carolyn says:

    Love the water bottle and Alvin. :-)

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